Privacy Statement

To remain Informative & better services to our global customers, we provide our latest update, Information about company and Images of events that we have done. Helping them to with best understand deciding their trading with us, Universal Holidays Travel & Tourism, Share its images under the following policy:

The Universal Holidays will not collect visitor data, Personal information (Email Ids, Contact Numbers, etc.) Most importantly, we will not sell, trade, give, etc., the statistics that we collect to any third party, without your express permission. The data that we collect is not mined or used for marketing purposes in any way. The data that we collect is used solely for purposes of images and share our company information. Be assured that safeguarding the contents of traffic is our priority.

This policy covers all forms of responses to the media, including “off the record” and anonymous statements. Company understand that it’s their responsibility to maintain a privacy.

"Material” shall mean any and all information and materials, relating to a party’s business, shall not be given to the other party, data processing, or for any other reason, and all copies thereof regardless of form or storage medium, including, but not limited to, documentation, notes, formulae, components, drawings, data, flow-charts, plans, specifications, techniques, processes, algorithms, inventions, prototypes, protocols, contracts, marketing and other financial and business plans, business processes and methods of doing business and includes all confidential and proprietary information which is at any time so designated by either party, either in writing or orally.